Welcome to  Warner Decoration Material


New Products

high-density products developed according to demands of the consumer market



    Offering unsurpassed depth and brilliance, the new model's silky-smooth finish shines with a radiance all its own as the centerpiece of any room or space.


    Company Introduction

    Warner invested RMB 200 million in building a 40-mu new production and R&D base in Fusha town

      Zhongshan Warner Decoration Material Co., Ltd. (Hereinafter referred to as Warner), located in Fusha, a beautiful town on the bank of the Pearl River, is a modern enterprise engaged in the R&D, production and marketing of green building materials.

      Relying on a powerful technical R&D capability, an experienced production team and highly qualified management and sales personnel, Warner mainly produces Warner quartz stone series of products, which are also a kind of integrated high-tech and high-density products .........

      • Environmental Protection

        Safety, no radiation;Free maintenance

      • Strong and Durable

        Super hardness: Moh's hardness can reach 7; Low water absorption 

      • Quality Guaranteed

        Non-porous surface: ensure its high scratch resistance and resistance to stains, heat, corrosion, bacteria 

      About us

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